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Bases of Participation for presentation of Scientific Communications

The bases detailed below have the purpose of facilitating the presentation of scientific communications to the International Greencities Congress and serve as a guide in order to achieve uniformity in the works and facilitate their evaluation on the part of the Congress´s Scientific Committee.

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Presentation of Communications

  • For their presentation, works should be adjusted to fit the DRAFTING RULES specified in this document.

  • Presentation of the work should be made before 30 January 2019.

  • The summary as well as the complete communication should be accompanied by the INTERNATIONAL GREENCITIES CONGRESS REGISTRATION FORM, available on-line on the International Greencities Congress website. The inscription must be associated to one of the authors of the scientific communication.

  • The Organization will respond to the authors, acknowledging receipt of the documents sent via electronic means, but will not assume responsibility for those that do not reach it. To that end, authors are encouraged, if they have not yet received such acknowledgement, to consult the Organization regarding the lack of response.

Selection of Communications

  • The Scientific Committee will have the power to choose the works to be presented, within the framework of the event, focusing on their appropriate fit with the objectives of the call for entries.

  • The review and selection process for the presented works, for exhibition to the public and subsequent publication, will be carried out in pairs between the Scientific Committee’s members, achieving the minimum threshold established by the Committee’s reviewers. To that end, it is necessary that we receive a copy of the document in which none of the authors’ names appears.

  • Under no circumstance presentations of products or services of a commercial nature will be accepted. They have a role in some other area of the event.

  • Authors will have a right to their pertinent certificate of participation.

Exhibit of the works

    All works accepted will be published in a compilation edition, edited in digital format, with a corresponding ISBN number. This edition will be available for download at

    Each participant will be asked to design a Graphic Panel that summarise the main data points of the communication. These panels will be placed within the Exhibition Area of Greencities. The Organization will provide the template for this design and will take responsibility for the production and placement of the panel.

    The Scientific Committee will have the power to choose the works to be presented orally at the International Greencities Congress.

Oral presentations should be made to fit the content of the written proposal. The duration of the exposition will be determined prior to the event and communicated to the authors sufficiently ahead of time.

The presentation should be delivered in digital format to the Organization up to 3 days prior to the event.

Transfer of rights

All authors should include the following text in their work file:

“I hereby certify, as author of the work above, that I transfer to the Trade Fairs and Congress Center of Malaga a non-exclusive, irrevocable licence to print, reproduce, distribute, transfer or communicate the work in any manner, including the right to make modifications to its formatting. Furthermore, I affirm that this transfer does not harm the rights of third parties”.

Sending the Communication


Send your communication in a Word and PDF file with a copy in PDF format without the authors´names, in accordance with the DRAFTING RULES, by email to:

Contact: Olga Romero

+34 689 479 630